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  • What We Do And What Makes Us Different

    We are redefining the home service industry by providing a complete maintenance package that IS NOT a home warranty – because we get it.

    Typical home warranty companies offer entry-level pricing with minimal coverage; if you desire for your major more expensive components to be covered, there are multi-level tiers that will cost you more for that coverage.

    However, even if you do select their most expensive coverage plan, you will still need to comb through multiple pages of small font exclusions and coverage limitations.

    Not with us…keep reading to understand our home maintenance coverage.

  • Why Should You Join The Family?

    You may be wondering, “Why do I need these guys?” Well, the answer is simple. We will bring you 100% relaxed, no-stress, worry-free complete homeownership for you and your family.

    Here’s the deal, home repairs/replacements cost a homeowner on average 1-4% of your home’s value on an annual basis. So, if your home’s value is $200k, that would mean you could be spending from $2,000- $8,000 on average to properly maintain your home in a typical calendar year.

    FUN FACT:Did you know that average annual appliance repair costs alone range between $100 to $350? That does not include the average price to repair/replace you’re A/C unit, that cost is on average $150 to fix or an average of $5,500 to replace – Ouch!

HVAC Depot Plus




Mandatory maintenance checkup every 90 days, serviced by HVAC Depot at no charge. $75 service fee in between visits. Maintenance plan covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. Excludes excavations and exploratory costs.
*Excluding main panel
*Only if water softener is being used

Covered Systems

  • Water heater including sediment flush
  • Garbage disposal
  • *Electrical system including outlets and switches
  • *Conventional water heater including sediment flush
  • HVAC Condensers
  • Furnaces
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